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I want you to know that I understand the mental illness that anyone can become


How can you live with stress and deal with it in your head? It is important to rely on others. I hope you can find a way to handle the stress you find yourself in the process


I believe the desire to live is a living instinct


We, human beings, are also animals, and we live our lives by taking the lives of other animals


Humans cannot live alone on Earth. It is only with the presence of other animals, plants, and other living things that we are able to live and survive


humans, are able to live today because of the evolution of the thinking brain


And when I think that our lives are connected as genes from the birth of life on earth to the present, I strongly feel the preciousness of life when I think of the dimension of miracle


Life is like a miracle


If it’s a miracle, we should all be having a good time and laughing


And what should we do about it? I believe that it is meeting people that is the key to making people’s lives enjoyable and interesting


I believe that encounters come in a person’s life, no matter how old or young, male or female, no matter how long the road


It is okay to rely on various people. I believe that the desire to live by relying on others is an instinctive SOS


Just what kind of institution should we turn to for the location of the SOS? That would be an institution or medical institution that has studied the field. It would be a psychiatric or psychosomatic institution


Hospitals specializing in treating mental illnesses have a variety of department names, such as psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, and psychosomatic medicine, which may be difficult to understand. Recently, some hospitals have also started to display signboards that say “Department of Mental Health.
If it is difficult to understand a department name or a sign, it is a good idea to call the hospital directly and inquire about what kind of illnesses they treat.
In addition, school counselors and school physicians may know of psychiatrists who are active in the community, or you can ask for a referral at a public health center or mental health welfare center (see: Kokoro no Sodan Ka). If you have a family doctor, he or she can refer you to a suitable hospital


Talking to someone about our problems and concerns is one of the ways we communicate with others


Just as we want to talk to someone when we are happy or joyful, we can understand and trust each other by talking to someone about the hard times


It is not a weak person to talk to others about your problems; in fact, it may take courage. And when you talk about your problems, the people you talk to will be more likely to talk to you about theirs. By supporting each other in this way, everyone will find it easier to get through the daily stresses


Please trust the people around you now and talk to them


It is known that most mental illnesses, like physical illnesses, get better faster if they are treated early. Even after recovering from an illness, the same illness may reoccur, but this is the same as a physical illness. This can be prevented by coping with the stress that triggered the illness and by changing one’s living environment


Some diseases require years of medication support, but by having your doctor find the right medication for you, you can live your life as if you were a person without the disease






When stress is high or things are not going as planned, anyone can get out of sorts. Some of your friends may be feeling down as well.

How can you support them? While it is important to consult a mental health professional, there are other ways to support your friend.

In this section, we will discuss how you can help your friend. Here, we will discuss what to avoid when providing support and what to do when someone says, “I want to disappear.

There are also many misconceptions about mental illness. Because of these misconceptions, you may be hurting your friend’s feelings without realizing it. Please do not be misled by such misconceptions and understand mental illness correctly


Do you feel that your friends and children’s family members are acting a little differently than they used to? Do they seem to be in a bad mood? Signs of mental illness include not only a loss of energy, but also irritability and a desire to be alone


When this happens, talk to him or her and ask, “You seem down, what’s wrong?” You should talk to them and listen to what they have to say, for example, “You seem to be frustrated lately. …… It takes courage to tell people how you are feeling. Just by talking to them and telling them how you are feeling, you may feel much better


After listening to you, you may feel that you cannot change your friend’s difficult situation by yourself. In such cases, it is important not to try hard to solve the problem by ourselves, but to support your friend so that he/she can seek help from family members, teachers, and others around him/her


How to talk to them

「調子はどう? 」と気軽に聞いてみる

I’ll ask casually, “How are you doing? I ask casually


These are words that the parties involved would like to be heard or that are easy to spit out


When they start talking, listen to them seriously, and express your appreciation for their trust in you and their willingness to talk to you


If we find ourselves feeling very depressed or hurting ourselves, we do not try to solve the problem on our own, but talk to others around us (professional organizations)



What is the definition of bullying? Bullying is “the physical or mental torment of a person who is in a weaker position than oneself.
In accordance with the Law for the Promotion of Anti-Bullying Measures in the field of education, the following definition has been in effect since 2013.
Bullying is defined as follows.
Bullying” is defined as “any form of bullying against a student by a person who is enrolled in the school where the student is enrolled and who has a certain relationship with the student in question.
The term “cyberbullying” shall mean “acts of psychological or physical
(2) “Acts that exert psychological or physical influence on a child student (including those conducted via the Internet), which are conducted by another child student who is enrolled in the school in which said child student is enrolled and has a certain personal relationship with said child student (2) A child student who is the subject of said act
(2) A child who has been subjected to an act that causes mental or physical distress to the child concerned. (2) The term “acts of physical or mental abuse” shall be defined as “acts of abuse”. The place of occurrence may be inside or outside the school.
The location of the incident may be inside or outside the school.
Some bullying is considered to be a criminal act and should be treated as such.
In the case of bullying, there are cases that should be treated as a criminal act and it is important to consult with the police at an early stage, or cases that may cause serious damage to the life, body, or property of a student.
bullying” include those that should be treated as a criminal act and should be reported to the police at an early stage. In these cases
In such cases, the police should be consulted and notified at an early stage, and a response should be made in cooperation with the police, taking into consideration educational considerations and the wishes of the victim.
It is necessary to take measures in cooperation with the police


And we need to lead the scolding in the educational field in society and at home, with explanations that they can understand


The idea of being bullied because you are weak and the need for counseling not only for the bully, but also for the bully


I believe that counseling both parties will lead to mutual psychological care


However, counseling is also provided in schools, but I believe that staffing shortages are a problem here as well, and it is also true that it is difficult to understand how to communicate mental illness and SOS


Sometimes people think that they are bullied because they are bad. However, this is not true.
In most cases, bullying occurs because the bully has a problem


For example, a person may be stressed or frustrated and, in an attempt to vent it, may engage in aggressive behavior. Someone who is confident and content with themselves would not try to bully. Rather, they may be tempted to bully someone when they are feeling weak. Losing control of aggression is one of the SOS signs of the mind


In recent years, slander, spreading and unreliable information on social networking sites have become a major problem in society


In social networking, you can be both a perpetrator and a victim, and so, although we live in a convenient world, before you write, take a breath first


But it can also be a tool to help people. If someone calls me an idiot, I want to call them an idiot, which pisses me off and hurts me


Words uttered or written are written in the mind of the other person, and words uttered or written cannot be returned


Therefore, it is important to understand the meaning of the words before uttering them and writing them down. People have the gift of being able to think. And I think we can understand the words that come back to us


And people can learn to apologize and rethink their thoughts. I believe that we can reflect on what we have done and apologize for what we have done


And anyway, I think it is important for everyone to live that both parties have a good time



No matter what kind of world champion you are, you may not always have a strong spirit, and I think there comes a time when everyone’s heart becomes weak


When they are driven to the precipice of pressure, a state of mind similar to that of being pushed to the edge of a cliff, they also feel the need to escape


So how do you do it? It is probably because I tell those around me about my weaknesses and my state of mind, and from there, advice and listeners support me


It is the same for us; just having someone listen to us clears our minds


Specialist This is important. Don’t consult with someone who is not a specialist in your field, but ask a qualified person in that field to listen to your concerns


We believe that the main causes of distress are the intricacies of relationships, lost opportunities to learn, inability to find a job, financial hardship, and above all, not knowing where to go for advice


What Japan excels at is welfare. To be honest, it was difficult for me to get there, and the medical institutions resisted. This was because I myself was in denial and prejudiced against mental illness


I was slow to realize that the mind that feels shame for weakness leads to weakness


Spitting it out is nothing to be ashamed of; it is a necessary part of life, just like being hungry.
If you are hungry you will say “I’m hungry.” I think it is important to meet someone with whom you can talk about such things


And by taking care of yourself you can be compassionate…I agree.


It’s better to live happily and interestingly, and both sides should live happily and interestingly