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#Traditional Japanese Crafts


Cleaning of traditional crafts purchased at the market

Traditional Japanese Crafts

Come and experience Shitara-yaki, Arita-yaki, faceted porcelain, and Japanese culture.
At Accept, a Type B Workplace for Continuous Employment Support in Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan
We sell traditional crafts of Japanese culture.

First, we wipe and polish the items we purchase from the market to remove dirt, and then we check the items for scratches and other defects, and finish them to a good condition.

Shigaraki ware

Speaking of Shigaraki ware, raccoon dog figurines are considered lucky in front of Japanese sake stores.
But pots and pottery are also a traditional Japanese craft that is durable and beautiful

The inside of the vessel is also washed clean with detergent or other detergent.
At that time, we also check for any water leaks

It will look like this

A replica sword, sir!

Japanese sword・・・A replica sword, sir!

This is also on sale…? If you want to know, please ask me in a message


Traditional crafts for sale in front of our office! We also sell on eBay, please message us and we will guide you

traditional handicrafts

Would you like to experience Japanese culture?

Charcoal-grilled chicken, a part of Miyazaki Prefecture’s food culture, is also available.
It was on sale that day

The video is in Japanese, but I think the baking method transcends national borders!

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Buy a glass

I am one of Japan’s traditional craftsmen
Satsuma facet (glass craft), 300 Japanese yen.
The bottom of the glass was chipped, but it goes well with drinking and is very smooth

But it looks different from actual Satsuma Kiriko (glass).
But the mouth feel is the best. Even cheap sake turns into a luxurious taste. Please try it!

It was so mouthwatering that his wife took it away from him.
Now it is used for my wife’s evening drinks!

Finally, moonlight rainbows are often seen in Hawaii, but they are sometimes seen in Miyazaki as well. White colors are seen, but rainbow colors are rare.

So long!

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Praying for peace in the world.

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