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霊は信じますか?~Do you believe in spirits?



There are differing opinions about spirits, but scientifically, there is no evidence that they exist, nor is there any evidence that they do not exist


What is the brain thinking? Is there brain memory?


I do the above thoughts, but I’m someone who doesn’t believe spirits can do bad things


There is a theory that “Tokugawa Ieyasu,” the winner of the Battle of Sekigahara, was tormented by the grudge of “Ishida Mitsunari,” the loser


Certainly there may or may not be grudges… So the reason why memorials are erected in both war and battle may be to calm the feelings of those victims as well. Of course, it may also be to remember the tragedy…


It is also true that there is information about various phenomena, and you are free to believe it or not!


On October 23, 2004, an earthquake centered in the Chuetsu region of Niigata Prefecture occurred. It was a major earthquake with a maximum intensity of 7


It is usually said that 72 hours (3 days) is the borderline between life and death when rescuing a person who has been caught in earth and sand or otherwise buried alive


It was 92 hours and 4 days after the child was miraculously rescued. I am so happy that they were rescued


It is reported that when this child was rescued by the rescuers, he told them that he was not afraid because he was with his mother and she encouraged him the whole time, and that his mother was singing to him


Upon arriving at the scene of the collapse, the crew said, “I hear a woman’s voice!” He says he has a child! This led to the TV broadcast screen showing the message, “Two people survived


However… it turned out that the mother had died “instantly” when her car became trapped under the collapsed rocks and sediment. The mother had died


And that the personnel who arrived on the scene heard the woman’s voice clearly. How can we understand that that is how they knew the child was there?


Even in death, he was still by the side of his beloved child, telling the rescuers, “I have a child!” He said


It is clear that the mother’s love was the force that kept the child alive for 92 hours


This event taught me that things happen in this world that cannot be understood by human wisdom.


This news made me feel the mother’s love for her children even after her death