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モノクロ写真~monochrome photograph



Color photos are interesting, but… Black and white photos are just as deep and interesting!


These days, you can use various filters in the camera, such as the toy camera style, to create various expressions


But this time, I hope to convey the joy of monochrome expression


Black and white is difficult to adjust shadows and light…do you want to make the black expression stronger? Do you want the white to be more expressive? By
The expression will be different


Adjust dark clouds by shutter speed, iso sensitivity, and aperture…. Since we live in a digital world now, it is easy to make adjustments, so before you do so, please take a test shot and find the dark clouds you like


It is especially difficult to express flowers, etc. Of course, the darker the color, the closer it is to black, so if you want to use black and white to create gentle colors, try shooting with a slightly wider angle in mind


In a small world with flowers, the color black is important, but so is the presentation of white


I would be happy if the interest in the world of black and white could be expanded through photography


Animals also look more realistic when photographed in black and white, and the reason for this is that by using black and white, a three-dimensional effect can be expressed through light and shade. That’s what makes it interesting, isn’t it


For example, by using black and white to depict a person’s hand while making something, it is possible to express the story that appears in the light and shadow of the hand, which is another interesting aspect of black and white


A little more shadows would be a good place to start…sorry


This is why we emphasized the shadows and created a piece with movement


People change shadows and light to their liking


Shadows should be emphasized on the hands and other parts of the body, but the face should be photographed brighter


Also, the interesting thing about black-and-white photography is that you silhouette the subject and imagine what is waiting for you beyond the silhouette


This is a shot taken when I took a walk around the harbor. The beautiful sea is beautiful, but I also included the lives of the people who live there


And if the image is rough, you can easily make the photo black and white on your pc or phone, and use filters to make the shadow and light to your liking with black and white and contrast


That’s all from camera lover [D]


Color is good, but the monochrome world is also interesting. Thank you very much for your interest